Prelude: An Evening at the Diner
The events of the first night of play, kicking off the plot

Our story starts on an average weekend evening in a quiet neighborhood. One of the area's fixtures is the local Italian diner, which also happens to be a meeting point for local organized crime. 

 The local wiseguy is having dinner with local small-timer Max when Twan picks his pocket. (Note: Using the player's names till they get off their lazy asses and name their characters.) The mafioso quickly finds his wallet missing.

 After having emptied the wallet of all cash, Twan returns it to the owner via the waitstaff, and the enraged gangster immediately demands to know who 'found' the empty wallet. Twan decides this is a good time to leave the restaurant, with the gangster and Max not far behind.

 A group of passerby's, soldiers from the local army base, witness the apparent start of a fight between Twan and the robbed gangster, and one of them, Eric, attempts to intervene. After a brief shootout where no one is injured, the gangster suddenly drops dead, a crossbow bolt embedded in the back of his skull. There's no sign of the shooter at all, and Max and Twan quickly decide to vacate the premises. 

 Eric contacts the police and informs them of the incident, and the officer in turn promises to get in touch if or when Eric's needed for a testimony. Eric then departs too.

Prelude: The Dealership
Some revelations, some corpses, and a burned out dealership

After last night’s situation which ended with a mysteriously dead wise guy, the three would-be heroes parted ways once more.

Max returned to the diner the next day to ensure the right people that he had nothing to do with the death of the wise guy, as well as spread the news. He then proceeded to check up on his ‘customers’, the ones paying protection money. One of Max’s ‘customers’, a Russian man running a laundromat who was usually very friendly and had no qualms about paying, suddenly refused to pay, showing Max the beheaded corpse of an employee in the back-alley dumpster.

In the meanwhile, at the base, Eric was approached by an old subordinate who needed help with something he didn’t want to clarify further. After the soldier promised not to involve Eric in anything illegal or against army regulations, he drove him off-base to an old abandoned warehouse in the nearby industrial district. Entering the warehouse grounds through a partially hidden gap in the fence, the soldier took him through an old maintenance tunnel leading from a shack on the edge of the grounds to the old foundations of previous construction. There, he showed him a room full of bodies, some gruesomely mutilated, and explained that ‘they’ were hunting the perpetrators, neglecting to reveal who ‘they’ were.

Eric was quickly convinced, and, taking some cheap night camo and some molotov cocktails from the storeroom in the maintenance tunnels, decided to take action and torch the car dealership he had learned the killers were using as a base. Among the other interesting items in the storeroom were several crossbows with ammo, supplies for making Molotovs, and a sledgehammer and some baseball bats. He had preceded this with a night of simple surveillance, unsuccessful at finding a way in at first.

Twan was initially uninterested in the situation, taking steps to plan the robbing of a museum. Under the guise of a tourist, he’s taken photographs of the camera locations in the museum and marked those on a map of the exhibition space. When he was out for lunch, however, he spotted two employees at an Italian restaurant dumping some suspicious trash, which upon a little snooping around proved to be another corpse, killed once again by crossbow bolt.

Both Max & Twan would end up at the dealership the night Eric was watching. Max had contacted his Mafia friends in an effort to find out about the killing of his charge. This revealed that, as well as several small-time gangs, one bigger organization was moving in on the city recently. Even more mysterious and distant then others, this organization had been hiring muscle, enforcers, and other operatives anonymously. Rumours were everywhere of a very tight selection process, applicants being stood up at locations or turning up at empty buildings, and disappearing from the scene after actually being hired.

This prompted Max to get in touch with the nearest wise guy, a mobster from a nearby neighbourhood known for ruling fairly and having eyes and ears everywhere. They agreed upon a deal where Max would deal with the new arrivals, with aid from the mobster, who’d give Max small jobs to do in exchange for the bigger favours.

Twan himself had been led by his curiosity in to contact with the owner of the restaurant where he found the corpse, a small-time Mafioso himself. Though not exactly on the friendliest of terms, they too agreed to pool resources. The Mafioso threatened, however, that no payment would be forthcoming in the case of the slightest of damage to his operation, and if such damage would be coming from Twan, hostility would be certain.

The two criminals obtained the address of the car dealership, Max from his wise guy contact and Twan through following a lead given to him by his Mafioso ‘partner’. One of the man’s thugs had seen a shadowy figure speeding across the rooftops at night with a crossbow, and had followed the figure to an abandoned subway station in one of the poorer neighbourhoods.

In the station, which is easily accessible through a poorly-maintained front gate, Twan encountered a homeless person who was willing to part with some information in exchange for a mere 10$. It turned out strange men in dark clothing bearing oddly-shaped bags did pass through there every now and then, and the bum told Twan of a service entrance down an unused tunnel that would be the men’s likely destination.

The service tunnel led to a large cavern containing a partially-constructed subway passage, in which the construction worker’s building was the only building in proper state. Inside, Twan found the old worker’s lockers still in use, and a suitcase in one of them held a pressed and neatly wrapped business suit, as well as a business card. Memorizing the information on the card and returning the suitcase to it’s prior state, Twan had his lead.

At the car dealership, Twan & Max had arrived to talk to the new gang in town. Both recognized each other from the incident with the dead wise guy and the crossbow bolt, and decided to go in together.

After some brief introductions, during which they spotted a disguised Eric trying to spy on the conversation, the two went upstairs to talk to the man in relative privacy, only to have him blatantly denying involvement in recent activities, though neither Twan nor Max believed the lie. After some fruitless bantering and a promise from the criminal to maybe not harm their allies any further, the conversation ended.

Upon leaving, Twan, who had snatched a pair of keys to one of the cars downstairs, proceeded to drive that car outside through the window and back in. The man they had talked to, however, appeared at the upstairs window with a rifle, and gave Twan too warning shots, ordering him of the premises on penalty of death.

They all parted ways, and it was the night after when Eric decided to return and torch the building. This was quite successful, with several of the cars exploding and the building itself damaged beyond use. When he was leaving however, he found himself being watched from within the flames, the shape humanoid and apparently unharmed…


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