Prelude: An Evening at the Diner

The events of the first night of play, kicking off the plot

Our story starts on an average weekend evening in a quiet neighborhood. One of the area's fixtures is the local Italian diner, which also happens to be a meeting point for local organized crime. 

 The local wiseguy is having dinner with local small-timer Max when Twan picks his pocket. (Note: Using the player's names till they get off their lazy asses and name their characters.) The mafioso quickly finds his wallet missing.

 After having emptied the wallet of all cash, Twan returns it to the owner via the waitstaff, and the enraged gangster immediately demands to know who 'found' the empty wallet. Twan decides this is a good time to leave the restaurant, with the gangster and Max not far behind.

 A group of passerby's, soldiers from the local army base, witness the apparent start of a fight between Twan and the robbed gangster, and one of them, Eric, attempts to intervene. After a brief shootout where no one is injured, the gangster suddenly drops dead, a crossbow bolt embedded in the back of his skull. There's no sign of the shooter at all, and Max and Twan quickly decide to vacate the premises. 

 Eric contacts the police and informs them of the incident, and the officer in turn promises to get in touch if or when Eric's needed for a testimony. Eric then departs too.



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